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IP smoke detectors

IP smoke detectors integrate seamlessly with your network management system and warn of smoke and fire in the server room via SNMP, email and SMS.

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IP smoke detectors

IP smoke detectors

Server rooms are the treasure troves of today's companies: This is where a company's digital capital is stored. Correspondence, customer data, design plans, contracts and digital assets are stored here in digitized form for rapid access, and increasingly also in the form of replacement storage. A fire in the server room therefore means an existential risk. Didactum monitoring systems with IP smoke detectors help you reduce the risk of a total loss.

Alarm for incipient fire

IP smoke detectors are optical smoke detectors for Didactum monitoring systems. In case of smoke development in the server room, employees are immediately informed via e-mail or SMS, furthermore alarm sirens and strobe lights can be switched. This allows you to fight a fire in the server room while it is still developing, thus protecting employees and assets.

Fire Cause Warning

Defective UPSs and air conditioning systems as well as short circuits caused by humidity are among the most frequent causes of fire in the server room. Didactum's monitoring systems monitor fault alarm contacts, environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and dew point, and even water ingress. Thus, you are informed about possible causes before a fire in the server room.

Monitoring Systems

IP smoke detectors and other sensors from Didactum have their own SNMP OID and can thus be easily integrated into existing network management systems (Nagios, Icinga2, Zabbix, etc.) and thus into existing warning and alerting concepts. Use existing monitoring and surveillance systems to be informed about a fire in the server room at an early stage.

Product recommendations

Product recommendations

Our bundle products are field-proven complete solutions that not only warn you of a fire in the server room, but also of other elemental hazards and limit violations. We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements in a consultation.

Monitoring System 100
Basic Protection

Didactum Monitoringsystem 100 Basic Protection Monitoring system with IP smoke detector, water sensor, temperature sensor and sensor for humidity. Digital inputs for monitoring fault alarm contacts, expandable up to a total of 32 sensors.

Monitoring System 500
Basic protection

Didactum Monitoringsystem 100 Basic ProtectionMonitoring system with IP smoke detector, water sensor, temperature sensor and sensor for humidity. Digital inputs for monitoring fault alarm contacts, expandable up to a total of 64 sensors.

Monitoring-PDU 700

Didactum PDU 700 Basic Protection Power distribution unit for four consumers with integrated monitoring system. A digital combination sensor for smoke, temperature and humidity is already included, as is a sensor for access control and a sensor for water intrusion. The system can be expanded to a total of up to 16 sensors.

Analog IP smoke detector

Analog IP smoke detector Didactum
The analog IP smoke detector can be operated with all Didactum monitoring systems. Via the two RJ11 sockets, several IP smoke detectors can be connected to form a smoke detection chain with a length of up to 150m and thus monitor different fire sections closely.

Digital IP smoke detector (+ °C/rH)

Didactum Monitoringsystem 100 IT-Basisabsicherung
The digital multisensor detects not only smoke but also temperature and humidity. It occupies only a single sensor port and is particularly suitable for use in small server rooms.
Protective measures

Protective measures

Even if a fire in the server room occurs relatively rarely, the resulting damage is generally very large. With the following measures, you can reduce the risk of fire in the server room and thus also the risk of total data loss.
. Please understand these instructions only as a supplement to your legal obligations!


Redundant data storage

The most important measure to prevent complete data loss in the event of a fire in the server room is redundant data storage across locations. If your data is mirrored or at least backed up regularly, you can continue to access your data in the event of an emergency or at least restore it quickly.


Use early warning systems

Use early warning systems such as Didactum monitoring systems with IP smoke detectors. This allows you to fight a fire in the server room as it starts, long before the fire alarm panel notifies the fire department and you have to evacuate the building.


Do not overload electrical infrastructure

Connect only as many loads to your infrastructure as it can supply. Also pay attention to the connected load of power distributors and UPSs. When installing new systems, check that you are still within the specified power limits.


Reduce fire load

Do not store other items in the server room. Copy paper, shipping materials, or discarded or unused technology do not belong in the server room. A server room is also not an archive! Do not give unnecessary fodder to a fire in the server room!


Observe maintenance intervals

Damage to the air conditioning system and uninterrupted power supply are among the most common causes of fire in the server room. Be sure to maintain your air conditioner and UPS at the proper service intervals. During maintenance, also check that you continue to use the UPS and air conditioner in the specified power range.


Do not use multiple sockets

Do not use multiple sockets in the server room. Multiple sockets are one of the most common causes of fire - even in private homes. Recommendation: Use only quality-assured PDUs to power your IT infrastructure, such as Didactum's monitoring PDUs.


Kurze Prüffristen nach DGUV-V3 setzen

Do not take advantage of the maximum deadlines for testing your electrical systems in accordance with the requirements of the German Social Accident Insurance. Set short deadlines and thus kill two birds with one stone: The legally required inspections first of all serve to protect your employees, but at the same time you also protect your company's important infrastructure.


Use surge protection devices

Make sure that your server room is protected with its own surge protection device. Please note that the cable length between the consumer and the surge protection device should not exceed ten meters.


Remove dust

Clean fans and circuit boards regularly, for example with a compressed air spray. Dust deposits not only increase the fire load inside your devices, but also cause heat buildup.