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New IP thermometer information page

As a new service, Didactum is setting up an information page about IP thermometers under the domain Here we let our long-year experience flow, in order to offer customers, the possibility of informing comprehensively before the purchase.

IP-thermometers are especially suitable for smaller monitoring projects. The server room of a small company or the food storage of a restaurant. Climate and CO2 content in a wine cellar. While classical monitoring solutions are suitable to record hundreds and thousands of parameters, IP thermometers are a slim alternative. We are here to help you with the information on this website, as well as to advise you. Of course, we are still at the very beginning with this page. So we start with a detailed product comparison of different IP thermometers. Bit by bit we will publish help and tutorials, application examples, best practices and more.An German version of the site is available at