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New Combined Sensor for Temperature, Humidity and Pressure

The brand new multisensor Temp/Humidity/Pressure is designed to measure and monitor mission-critical infrastructure such as BTS telecom sites, POP sites, server rooms and data centers.

The delivery program of SNMP compatible sensors for the web thermometers, remote monitoring units and PDUs from manufacturer Didactum® is continuously being expanded. Currently, the engineers have completed the new multiple sensor Temp/Humidity/Pressure. This digital sensor combines a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor (RH) and a barometric pressure sensor in a single housing. All Didactum remote measurement and control devices equipped with a CAN expansion port support this new combined sensor. Please note that before using the new multisensor, it may be necessary to update the firmware. Like all smart sensors from Didactum, the new sensor is SNMP compatible. Each sensor integrated in the digital multi-sensor is equipped with its own SNMP OID, so the currently measured temperature, the current humidity (RH) or even the barometric pressure can be queried via SNMP command over LAN or WAN. All Didactum web thermometers, monitoring systems and PDUs can be integrated into SNMP compatible SCADA, building management and network monitoring software.