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Firmware update for didactum IP thermometers

Didactum, manufacturer of proven IP thermometers and hygrometers, has just released a new firmware. In addition to fixing minor bugs, the February 2021 update also provides useful additional features such as an instrument panel. Customers using IP thermometers from Didactum can request the firmware free of charge from Didactum Support.

Call function for IP thermometers with GSM or 4G modem

Starting with firmware release “didactum-2.8.3-b173”, Didactum IP thermometers equipped with a GSM or 4G/LTE modem also offer a call function. In the event of sudden onset of danger, such as overtemperature or heat generation, a call is made (without voice playback). Of course, the IP thermometers/hygrometers supplied with an internal GSM/LTE modem also support SMS notification to up to ten different phone numbers.

IP Thermometers for Icinga2 Monitoring Software

Didactum’s IP based thermometers / hygrometers can also be used under Icinga 2. For this purpose, Didactum provides a free plugin. So customers can use the temperature in the server room and server cabinet also under the Icinga2 network management system (NMS).

Digital multisensors for IP thermometer

The IP thermometer “Didactum Monitoring System 100” can be equipped with the popular multisensor temperature & humidity on request. By using this multisensor, the Monitoring System 100 turns into a web-based thermo/hygrometer. The advantage is that several multisensors can be connected in series. This makes it ideal for large warehouses and production areas where multiple measurement points are required.

Advantages of audio-visual alarms

Many IP thermometers provide the user with notification and alarm features such as SNMP trap, email or SMS text notification. An important temperature alarm may be overlooked by the responsible personnel in the hectic pace of the day. Here the optional siren with integrated flash lights can provide valuable services. In the event of a deviation in room temperature, an audiovisual alarm is then issued to the staff.