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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regards IP smoke detectors.

No. The installation of a smoke detector does not fulfill the characteristics of a fire alarm system required by DIN standards 14675 and VDE 0833-1 and -2. For this, you must contact a certified specialist company or a specialist planner.

Yes. Up to ten smoke detectors can be connected in series with each other via RJ11 patch cable. Note that the maximum length of the chain may only be 150 meters. When chaining smoke detectors, you will receive one alarm per chain, not per smoke detector.

Smoke generated by a fire accumulates on the ceiling. Therefore, a smoke detector should always be installed on the ceiling. Additional IP smoke detectors can be installed directly in the rack to provide early warning of a fire in the control cabinet.

Didactum recommends replacing IP smoke detectors every 5-7 years. It is mandatory to replace an IP smoke detector after 10 years at the latest.

No. The smoke detector is supplied with voltage by the Didactum monitoring system used. For this reason, no internal power supply is required.

Since ABC foam and powder extinguishers can destroy electronic equipment, you should use a CO2 fire extinguisher in the server room. Please note that there must be a base area of 5.5 m² per kilogram of carbon dioxide. It is essential that you also follow the instructions of the German Social Accident Insurance!